Interview on Stone Chapel Podcast with David Capes

A month or so ago, I had the privilege of being interviewed by David Capes, director of the Lanier Theological Library for the Stone Chapel Podcast. It was such a pleasure to talk with David about Beautiful and Terrible Things and especially about our boys. Both of us are bereaved fathers. I hope you will enjoy the discussion. We also recorded a podcast for Exegetically Speaking which will be out in the next month or so.

A few weeks after this recording, we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Lanier Theological Library for their symposium on archeology, in celebration of William Dever’s 90th birthday. The public lecture will be posted shortly on their site and I will offer some reflections another time. It was a wonderful weekend with excellent speakers ranging from Dever himself to Avraham Faust of Bar Ilan, Susan Ackerman of Dartmouth, Bill Schniedewind of UCLA, and my old friend and mentor Gary Rendsburg of Rutgers. More on that soon!

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