Craig Evans on the “Tomb of Jesus”

Craig Evans has posted an updated guest blog at Deinde on the Talpiot tomb. It is the best concise summary of the problems I have read so far and the update even includes reference to Dr. Kirkland’s interpretation of the chevron and circle.

The Tomb of Jesus and Family? Second Thoughts

Craig A. Evans
Acadia Divinity College

The new interpretation of the Talpiot Tomb in Jerusalem that has been put forth by Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron is very doubtful. The tomb was uncovered by a construction crew in 1980 and before Yosef Gat, Amos Kloner, and colleagues could excavate it properly it was looted and vandalized. In the tomb were ten ossuaries (or bone boxes), six with inscriptions. Some seventeen skeletons were in the ossuaries and another eighteen or so were lying on niches (or shelves) or scattered about on the floor. Many of the bones were broken or crushed into powder. Coins, pottery, and other artifacts were apparently stolen by looters.

Read it all at Deinde!

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