Goodacre Rounds Up the Latest on the Talpiot Tomb

The title says it all.

Talpiot Tomb Various

There are several additional things that are worth mentioning on the Talpiot tomb story from recent days. Randy Ingermanson has uploaded a clear, detailed investigation of the statistics and the tomb, co-written with Jay Cost. Some will remember his earlier piece, Statistics and the “Jesus Family Tomb”. This piece builds on that one and takes it to a whole new level of thought and detail, though with the same conclusion, that the odds are strongly against this being Jesus of Nazareth’s tomb. One particularly useful factor in the piece is the assigning of “Jesus factor”, “Not Jesus factor” and “neutral factor” to the evidence, the kind of ground work I was attempting to do, in my ham-fisted way, with talk of “matches” and “non matches” and the difficulty of the latter not having been factored in to the documentary’s thinking (The Statistical Case for the Identity of the “Jesus Family Tomb”).

There is much more, including links to his citations, so please see his complete entry. He also notes the Tomb of Star Trek that I posted. I would also remind folks of the amusing “Tomb of Jesus of San Gabriel, CA” that I pointed to last week.

(Via NT Gateway Weblog.)

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