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Rock Ethics Institute – Climate Change

I will be moderating a panel discussion in two weeks on the biblical creation narratives and climate change. It is part of a series by PSU’s Rock Ethics Institute: Rock Ethics Institute – Climate Change. It should be a good series. It will be focused primarily upon Christian interpretations, which is unfortunate, but it is Pesach which makes it impossible for our local rabbi to attend. If you are in the area, please come by! […]

Every Student?

I was perusing FaceBook and found this ad set up by someone at Tulane Tulane Flyer Hunting for Easter Eggs? On the first Easter, they weren’t looking for eggs.They were searching for the body of Jesus.A man who claimed to be God and said he would prove his deity by bodily rising from the dead. So, did he? The text linked to this site, EveryTulaneStudent.com, which in turn is “provided by” everystudent.com which is “a […]

Goodacre Rounds Up the Latest on the Talpiot Tomb

The title says it all. Talpiot Tomb Various There are several additional things that are worth mentioning on the Talpiot tomb story from recent days. Randy Ingermanson has uploaded a clear, detailed investigation of the statistics and the tomb, co-written with Jay Cost. Some will remember his earlier piece, Statistics and the “Jesus Family Tomb”. This piece builds on that one and takes it to a whole new level of thought and detail, though with […]