Every Student?

I was perusing FaceBook and found this ad set up by someone at Tulane

Tulane Flyer
Hunting for Easter Eggs?

On the first Easter, they weren’t looking for eggs.They were searching for the body of Jesus.A man who claimed to be God and said he would prove his deity by bodily rising from the dead. So, did he?

The text linked to this site, EveryTulaneStudent.com, which in turn is “provided by” everystudent.com which is “a safe place to explore issue about college, life, and what it might be like to know God.” It is cleary a template that can be used by students for an evangelism campaign.

Does anyone know anything about this?
There is a disclaimer on the EveryTulaneStudent site that

This site is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Tulane University.

Which is understandable, but presumbly some Tulane student must have set it up. Any of you all reading this blog care to enlighten me about this project? Thanks! I am curious…

Ah, do a little research oneself and we shall find.

The site is developed by a non-denominational Christian organization: Campus Crusade for Christ, International. You will find this student organization on many college campuses throughout the U.S. and the world. If you are interested in seeing a specific list of the theological beliefs of Campus Crusade for Christ, feel free to email us.

So, it is CCC! What do you all think of this evangelistic tool/approach?

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