Conference: “New Perspectives on Jews and Judaism” 1

Given my recent research on the Book of Ruth, rabbinic interpretation thereof, and rabbinic conversion I am very disappointed that I will likely be traveling on the West Coast during this conference. If, however, you are in the Philly area and have such interests you should not miss this.

Taking Turns: New Perspectives on Jews and Judaism The 17th Annual Gruss Colloquium in Judaic Studies, May 2-3, 2011

A sampling of the schedule:

Ben Franklin Room, 2nd floor
Houston Hall
3417 Spruce Street

9:15 am   Coffee and Light Breakfast

9:45 am   Greetings

David Ruderman, Ella Darivoff Director,
Katz Center
Rebecca Bushnell, Dean,
School of Arts and Sciences

10:00 am Re-Reading Ruth

Chair: Sara Japhet, Hebrew
University/Katz Center

Adele Berlin, University of Maryland
Ruth and Jewish Identity
in the Persian Period

Jeffrey Shoulson, University of
Miami/Katz Center
“Grafting in Bad Stock”:
Ruth in Early Modern England

Sarah Gracombe, Stonehill
College/Katz Center
“Engrafted” or “Alien”?:
English Representations of
Ruth from 1830 to 1930

Respondent: Kathleen Biddick,
Temple University



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One thought on “Conference: “New Perspectives on Jews and Judaism”

  • Moshe Sharon

    The Korbon Pesach is a bitter sweet Mitzvah. We can read about it, study the Halacha and do the necessary devotions on Erev Pesach. We even have the consolation of knowing that HaShem credits with the Mitzvah when we perform it in speech. Alas, but in Malchut, the world of action nothing is as good as performing the actual Mitzvah. So, it leaves me dissatisfied as with all of the Mitzvahs for which we must wait until Mashiach arrives to restore us to our rightful place in the Beis HaMikdosh. Therefore,we can do all the learning, but for now the real Mitzvah is in the yearning.