Best summary of the metal codices yet

I have been following this whole business of “more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls” discovery. As usual Jim Davila has been on top of it all and today provides the best summary I have yet read.

RANDOM THOUGHTS on the fake metal codices.

So just because one of the codices is a fake, does it mean they all are? Lets see. Some guy makes a major epigraphic discovery. So what does he do? He goes out and finds a forger and has the forger make up some very similar fakes and salts the real cache of codices with them. You believe that?

The tree iconography is the same on the demonstrably fake codex and one of the others. And they used the same mold.

Who puts alligators on their holy codices anyway?

I predict that someone is going to e-mail me to point out an alligator on an ancient holy codex. That sort of thing happens to me a lot.

Nevertheless, Im going to throw caution to the wind and just say all of the metal codices are fakes.

A guy who thinks science and religion can be reconciled by the study of energy vibrations got fooled by forged antiquities. What is the world coming to?

Be sure to read it all:

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