Skype: Very Cool, Podcasts Next?

My brother has finally convinced me to sign up for Skype. For those who do not know what this is in brief it allows you to use your computer, connected to a high speed network, to call other computers anywhere in the world for free and other (regular) phones for not much ($29.99 unlimited calls in the US and Canada for a year). If you have a MacBook, for example, you already have a mic (and a camera) built in along with speakers. You are good to go. This program is so slick, on the Mac at least, that it paused my iTunes during a call and then restarted it when I hung up! Nice touch.

My intentions in getting this set up is to be able to call and interview some of our Schreyer Scholars and alumni for our podcasts. But it also occurred to me that perhaps we could do some home-grown podcasts right here at! Perhaps starting with the wonderful crew of bibliobloggers that we know and love. So, if you are biblioblogger and would like to be interviewed, or if you have a particular biblioblogger you would like me to ask to be interviewed let me know!

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