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Pfarrei St. Joseph am Starnberger See

Konzert im Tutzing IOSOT 2013

August 7, 2013 those attending the 2013 IOSOT and willing to take a bit of a bus ride were treated to a wonderful concert of Psalms in the Pfarrei St. Joseph am Starnberger See, Tutzing. They have now made that concert available on Sound Cloud. Gorgeous, gorgeous sound. By all means go and download it: Catholic Parish Church of Tutzing: Rehearsal of Psalmscompositions by Orlando di Lasso, Heinrich Schütz, and Isang Yun (»Der Herr ist […]

All good things must come to an end

And so the triennial meeting of IOSOT/IOTS/IOQS (and the other associated groups) is coming to an end. As usual I have not been to all the sessions I would have liked or seen all the sights I had hoped to see but at least I have this afternoon to remedy the latter! It was a wonderful conference in a tremendous city. The folks from U of Helsinki did an incredible job organizing this incredibly complex […]

Getting ready for Finland!

I am told that the weather is “beastly hot” in Finland right now. It has even approached 90º F! But I am greatly looking forward to our trip there. Why am I going to Finland? Of course you remember that the 2010 IOSOT (and IOTS) conference is in Helsinki this year! Don’t you? It is shaping up to be a great set of conferences. In addition to IOSOT there will also be meeting: IOSCS 29–31 […]

IOSOT Registration

Willem Smelik, the President of the International Organization for Targumic Studies, has sent round the announcement for registering for the IOSOT, IOSCS, IOMS, IOQS, and IOTS conference. Dear All, I would like to remind you to register before the end of April to benefit from lower fees. For registration, please use the following website: For accommodation, see For hotels in close proximity to the synagogue, as well as information about kosher catering, see the attached […]

The 20th Congress of IOSOT 1-6 August 2010

The website for the next IOSOT is now up! I will certianly be going for IOSOT and of course IOTS, the International Organziation for Targum Studies. Details of the IOTS program including a call for papers will appear at the NTCS/IOTS website in due course. President of the IOSOT Professor Raija Sollamo Welcome to IOSOT-congress The International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (IOSOT) is happy to celebrate its 60th anniversary and its […]

Notes from the IOSOT Business Meeting

Today was the final day of the XIXth IOSOT Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A few notes from the meeting. Vetus Testamentum Carol Newsome is the editor to receive submission from North America. In the last three years (since the last report to IOSOT) there were 80 some articles and additional short notes for a total just over 120 (sorry, I missed the exact figures). Of those articles 30 were from the US, 30 from Israel, […]

IOSOT Papers

I have not been able to attend too many of the IOSOT papers but I was able to attend a few very good ones today. I wanted to make note of a couple that I noticed not only because they are on texts in the Megillot, my current area of interest, but because both presenters are young scholars. At the moment, I just heard an excellent paper (all the more so since it is from […]

New Genesis Text from the Judaean Desert

UPDATE: January 15, 2019 – On Twitter Årstein Justnes said that this fragment was one of the texts acquired by the Museum of the Bible shown to be a fake. Yes, it is one of the five (fake) MOTB frgs that were tested in Berlin in 2017: Gen 31:23–25?, 32:3–6 (DSS F.191) [picture at the front page in Tov, Davis and Duke 2016]; Lev 23:24–28 (DSS F.203); Num 8:3–5 (DSS F.194); Neh 2:13–16 (DSS F.201) […]