Konzert im Tutzing IOSOT 2013 6

August 7, 2013 those attending the 2013 IOSOT and willing to take a bit of a bus ride were treated to a wonderful concert of Psalms in the Pfarrei St. Joseph am Starnberger See, Tutzing. They have now made that concert available on Sound Cloud. Gorgeous, gorgeous sound. By all means go and download it: […]

Pfarrei St. Joseph am Starnberger See

In Finland

I am here at the IOSOT/IOQS/IOTS conference in Helsinki and it is beautiful with excellent papers. So good, in fact, that I have not had time to blog. I hope to later today as well as uploading some of my photos. If you are twitter I have started relevant hash tags, but i don’t believe […]

IOSOT Registration

Willem Smelik, the President of the International Organization for Targumic Studies, has sent round the announcement for registering for the IOSOT, IOSCS, IOMS, IOQS, and IOTS conference. Dear All, I would like to remind you to register before the end of April to benefit from lower fees. For registration, please use the following website: For […]

The 20th Congress of IOSOT 1-6 August 2010

The website for the next IOSOT is now up! I will certianly be going for IOSOT and of course IOTS, the International Organziation for Targum Studies. Details of the IOTS program including a call for papers will appear at the NTCS/IOTS website in due course. President of the IOSOT Professor Raija Sollamo Welcome to IOSOT-congress […]

Notes from the IOSOT Business Meeting 1

Today was the final day of the XIXth IOSOT Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A few notes from the meeting. Vetus Testamentum Carol Newsome is the editor to receive submission from North America. In the last three years (since the last report to IOSOT) there were 80 some articles and additional short notes for a total […]

IOSOT Papers 1

I have not been able to attend too many of the IOSOT papers but I was able to attend a few very good ones today. I wanted to make note of a couple that I noticed not only because they are on texts in the Megillot, my current area of interest, but because both presenters […]

New Genesis Text from the Judaean Desert 10

NB: This is all preliminary and I am not sure how accurate my notes are. With that being said… Today James Charlesworth presented an image of a fragment (in two parts) that he acquired on 25 October 2006. He said it had been in Zurich since the 50’s and reportedly came from Kando. Some details […]