Notes from the IOSOT Business Meeting

Today was the final day of the XIXth IOSOT Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A few notes from the meeting.
Vetus TestamentumLjubljana

  • Carol Newsome is the editor to receive submission from North America.
  • In the last three years (since the last report to IOSOT) there were 80 some articles and additional short notes for a total just over 120 (sorry, I missed the exact figures).
  • Of those articles 30 were from the US, 30 from Israel, just under that from the UK and so on…
  • VT is going to add an additional 20 pages per issue to accommodate additional articles.
  • They will soon being using Arabic instead of Roman numerals (Yeah!)
  • There will be a theme issue one/year. This fall: “Prophecy in Greece, Ugarit, and Israel.”

IOSOT President & the XXth Congress

The new President of IOSOT is the outstanding LXX scholar Prof. Raija Sollamo which means that the 2010 Congress will be held in Helsinki, Finland!

This was an amazing conference and I encourage everyone who can to submit papers and attend. I was particularly encouraged by the number of doctoral students and young scholars (I think I still qualify) who gave excellent papers. So save up your Euros now! Helsinki here we come!

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