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Notes from the IOSOT Business Meeting

Today was the final day of the XIXth IOSOT Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A few notes from the meeting. Vetus Testamentum Carol Newsome is the editor to receive submission from North America. In the last three years (since the last report to IOSOT) there were 80 some articles and additional short notes for a total just over 120 (sorry, I missed the exact figures). Of those articles 30 were from the US, 30 from Israel, […]

IOSOT Papers

I have not been able to attend too many of the IOSOT papers but I was able to attend a few very good ones today. I wanted to make note of a couple that I noticed not only because they are on texts in the Megillot, my current area of interest, but because both presenters are young scholars. At the moment, I just heard an excellent paper (all the more so since it is from […]