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What Is the Purpose of Honors Education?

The following is cross-posted from my engage.shc site. For those who don’t know, in addition to posting witty blog entries about biblical studies, Apple gadgets, and religious humor, I am also the Dean of the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State. So, without further ado… I read a number of blogs and one that I have followed for a year or so is called “Confessions of a Community College Dean.” It is an anonymous blog […]


And who needs to be mocked more than televangelists? Thank you Tyler for this gem!Does Jesus Make You Laugh? This video is worth watching. WPvideo 1.10   It appears that there is a documentary (mockumentary?) in production that takes on Christian excesses in the USA. Looks like a no-brainer!(HT John McLaughlin) Tags: Christian Kitsch, Humour, Christianity   (Via Codex: Biblical Studies Blogspot.)

Apple form factor evolution

This is very cool for those of us who are Apple fans. I have owned (note, I did not say “bought” 😉 most of my machines have been courtesy of my parents or my employers) 26 (!) of these items (not including monitors or mice). Granted, that does include two Shuffles and two Nanos. Apple form factor evolution Filed under: Hardware, Cult of Mac, Apple Donationware app MacTracker is great for those times when you […]

HP7 – Do you still want more?

The Expanded Epilogue from Rowling herself is available here. Spoiler alert! Don’t read it if you have not finished the book. If you found the epilogue of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” rather vague, then J.K. Rowling achieved her goal. The author was shooting for “nebulous,” something “poetic.” She wanted the readers to feel as if they were looking at Platform 9¾ through the mist, unable to make out exactly who was there and […]

If prayer isn’t enough, you can always call Jesus on your iPhone

This really is disturbing. A history changing event is about to occur. Soon over 2.1 billion Christians worldwide will be able to have private, verbal conversations with virtual Jesus from any phone, anytime, anywhere on a daily basis. TalkToJesus uses advanced speech and AI technology to help millions connect with God personally and hear the Bible read interactively like never before. TalkToJesus will be a personal tool to help those in need. TTJ will have […]