Apple form factor evolution

This is very cool for those of us who are Apple fans. I have owned (note, I did not say “bought” 😉 most of my machines have been courtesy of my parents or my employers) 26 (!) of these items (not including monitors or mice). Granted, that does include two Shuffles and two Nanos.

Apple form factor evolution

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Donationware app MacTracker is great for those times when you need to look back at the history of Apple’s products or the stats of one particular machine. If you’re interested in more of a visual history, however, this picture from art director and designer Edwin Tofslie should satisfy your cravings for pretty pictures. Tofslie collected images from most of the major design revisions Apple has made to many of their most significant products, including the Mac, Newton, iPod, Xserve and iPhone, as well as their displays, mice and even the AirPort Extreme stations. It’s an interesting look back over the evolution of Apple’s industrial design that seems to include all the major landmarks.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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