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Betting on Helping New Orleans

This story is from the NOLA Times-Picayune. It reminds everyone of the good work still being done by the church in New Orleans. Heavens! Bishops taking game bets But proceeds to go to Katrina relief Friday, January 04, 2008 By Bruce Nolan The Good Book states the battle is not always to the strong, nor the race always to the swift, but dubious Episcopal bishops in Louisiana and Ohio nonetheless are betting on the power […]

Podcast – Katrina Two Years On

Cross-posted from my SHC blog: I have just uploaded a podcast recorded in mid-April with Karen Swensen, Scholar class of 1991, and former WWL-TV anchor. Karen lived in New Orleans from 1992 until early 2006 and she remained in NOLA during Katrina, as did her husband, a homicide detective with NOPD. She is now living near Boston and is an anchor for a cable news network and last year completed a documentary on Katrina. We […]

The Chronicle: Daily news: Future Looks Brighter for Many New Orleans Campuses as Projected Enrollments Rise

I am thrilled to hear that Tulane and NOLA are on the way back. There is much, hard work left to do, but it also means great opportunity for students. They have the rare chance to be a part of the rebuilding of one of the most distinct cities in the world. The Chronicle: Daily news: 05/08/2007 — 01: Future Looks Brighter for Many New Orleans Campuses as Projected Enrollments Rise After a dismal year […]

New Orleans Cooking & Comics

Jimmy Johnson, who creates Arlo and Janis also lives in the Gulf south and is a fine friend of food. I visit his site everyday where he shares the odd (sometimes very) thought and usually three comics from the past. Today’s retrospect deserves sharing: Be sure to go to his site to read his running commentary with these cartoons (there are three that he put up in this series).  

Tornado Update

From EDOLA (Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana). Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:   Many of us awoke this day to learn of another tragedy in and around New Orleans – several tornados touched down around 2:30AM, causing damage ranging from moderate to severe in the areas of the Westbank, Carrollton, and Gentilly. Many others were awakened in the middle of the night by the storm itself, forced to find shelter and safety where possible.  Our […]

Tornado hits NOLA

As if they needed more hardship. Please continue to keep this region in your prayers. Also, as much as I am looking forward to a snow day, I know that it can be as deadly as any other storm. Power outages are apparently common around here in the winter. NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) — A possible tornado damaged parts of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and surrounding businesses in pre-dawn hours Thursday in suburban […]

Merry Christmas New Orleans

Once again, Studio 60 delivers a great show. This time Matthew Perry’s character is “a Jew and the only one who cares that its Christmas” (paraphrase) and insists on putting on a Christmas show. The finale is a group of NOLA musicians playing Oh Holy Night while images of the City are on the screen at behind them. Wonderful. From their site: The 12/4 episode featured musicians benefitting from The Tipitina’s Foundation. For more on […]

Congratulations to Fr. John Bauerschmidt

Fr. John was our rector in Covington, LA and a dear friend. His elections give me great hope. From The Bishop of Louisiana: Congratulations to Fr. John Bauerschmidt, Rector of Christ Church, Covington, Louisiana upon his election today as the 11th Bishop of Tennessee. Fr. John has informed the Covention that he will accept this election. What a gain this is for the Diocese of Tennessee! We shall miss Fr. John and Caroline terribly in […]

Jenkins: A Lack of Confidence

Bishop Charles Jenkins is the Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana (our home of 9 years) and relays some of the struggles of rebuilding that come from a history of political malfeasance. Be sure to read it all. As I travel across this nation seeking support for the work of the Church in Mississippi and Louisiana, I continually come across a major stumbling block. Church members who are by nature generous and who have […]