The Perils of IMing


Below is an edited transcript of a chat I had this afternoon. I have an IM account (drcbrady) for chatting with students so it is not rare that I get messages popping up from folks I do not recognize. There are moments when how I decide to reply is very important (and amusing). While at Tulane I received an abrupt IM asking “who the &^%$ are you?” After pointing out that they had initiated the conversation, I suggested that they might have contacted me in the past (hence my presence on their “buddy” list), perhaps you are applying to Tulane University’s Honors Program? Oops. They went off line.

In the exchange below I have edited only the user name, which contained a sexual innuendo. I give full credit to this person, s/he was good natured and sorry about the confusion. I even asked if I could put this on the blog. I hope s/he does apply next year and I look forward to meeting him/her. BTW, I did offer this bit of free advice and I urge it to all my readers; when using an email address or IM on an application be sure to use one that does not contain innuendos or inside jokes. (Targuman, for example, is not a very good handle but “drcbrady” is.)

3:06:19 PM {innuendousername}: yoo
3:06:31 PM drcbrady: Hello. Who is this?
3:06:44 PM {innuendousername}: isnt this chris?
3:06:51 PM {innuendousername}: brady

3:06:52 PM drcbrady: Yes, who is this?
3:06:55 PM {innuendousername}: ohh
3:06:56 PM {innuendousername}: HAHA

3:06:58 PM drcbrady: I do not recognize the user name
3:07:00 PM {innuendousername}: im not gonna tell you who you are
3:07:07 PM {innuendousername}: im not gonna tell you who i am*

3:07:09 PM drcbrady: Well I know who I am
3:07:10 PM drcbrady: 🙂
3:07:14 PM {innuendousername}: just to mess with you
3:07:19 PM {innuendousername}: i think you’re very sexy

3:07:26 PM drcbrady: oh yeah?
3:07:37 PM {innuendousername}: yeah
3:08:00 PM drcbrady: Hmm. Well. That would be my wife then.
3:08:33 PM {innuendousername}: lol
3:08:36 PM drcbrady: Although this is not her user name…
3:08:41 PM {innuendousername}: no its not
3:08:46 PM {innuendousername}: wait…what?
3:08:49 PM {innuendousername}: you dont have a wife?
3:08:56 PM {innuendousername}: this is chris brady right?

3:08:57 PM drcbrady: I do, she does not have the user name {innuendousername}
3:09:17 PM {innuendousername}: oh man. i am so sorry
3:09:18 PM drcbrady: Of course, there are many Chris Brady’s in this world.
3:09:24 PM {innuendousername}: i think i have the wrong chris brady
3:09:28 PM {innuendousername}: you

3:09:32 PM drcbrady: Well, I am flattered nonetheless
3:09:38 PM {innuendousername}: you arent the kutztown university freshman?
3:09:38 PM drcbrady: Which one are you looking for?
3:09:53 PM drcbrady: 🙂 No. I would be the Dean of the Schreyer Honors College, PSU
3:10:12 PM {innuendousername}: oh wow. this is very embarassing. considering that’s
my top college choice in the upcoming year

3:10:30 PM drcbrady: 🙂 I will not hold it against you! I look forward to the application.
3:10:35 PM {innuendousername}: phew
3:10:44 PM {innuendousername}: i am sorry again.

3:10:48 PM drcbrady: quite all right

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