SBL has begun…

I am not sure how much I will actually blog the sessions since I don’t think there is internet in the meeting rooms. (Of course I could always type notes and then upload, etc. I know.) But a few notes so far:

  • Last night was a lovely evening with the AABS. I missed most of the meetings but we had a nice dinner and then discussed creating biblical studies around the Millennium Development Goals.
  • I am rooming with my NT colleague from Tulane. He is no in Milwaukee so we haven’t seen each other since last SBL. It is good to see him again.
  • There are only a few sessions this morning that I am interested in. I think. I will need to check the big book.
  • Most of all I am going to chill a bit this morning. It has been a long week with all this travel and most of the sessions I am interested in start tomorrow. So have a good day everyone and look for more later!

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