Reports From the Vienna SBL

I have been delinquent in keeping up with these reports while trying to get back on top of work here in the office. Fortunately Jim is always on top of everything! (I meant nothing untoward by that! Get your head out of the gutter Chris Tilling.)

Another Report From the Vienna SBL

This one’s from Darrell Bock, who reports on the Historical Jesus session at which he presented. His comments about trends are pretty interesting, so take a look. And Tommy Wasserman drafts what he describes as a “Final Report“. His concern being Textual Criticism, he summarizes a number of the presentations he heard.

UPDATE: The Austrian Press is reporting on the goings on at the International Annual Meeting. And unlike the American Press when it covers such things, is doing a great job of it. You can read the various reports here, here, and here. And the last one will be of particular interest to Mark Goodacre and Tyler Williams.

See also Philip Harland’s reports here.

(Via Dr Jim West.)

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