Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-18

  • Knight Rider – KITT just cited Matthew! Matt. 7:12. It’s like Accordance for the car. #
  • @hotdogladies The bad dude with the computer in Knight Rider looks to be your twin! #
  • Why do local car dealers feel they MUST appear in their own ads? Hi! I am Lee Iacocca of central PA! #
  • KR: The exit from the plane instead of the semi was a nice touch. We shall see… #
  • Very, very rough landing in Cinci. Ugh. And no little bag! Fortunately I didn’t need it, but it is nice to have options. #
  • Back on a plane getting ready to go to Tampa. Here,s praying for a smooth flight. What is a safe dose of dramamine? Is 6 too many? #
  • Smooth flight and touch down. #

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