Konzert im Tutzing IOSOT 2013

Pfarrei St. Joseph am Starnberger See
Pfarrei St. Joseph am Starnberger See

August 7, 2013 those attending the 2013 IOSOT and willing to take a bit of a bus ride were treated to a wonderful concert of Psalms in the Pfarrei St. Joseph am Starnberger See, Tutzing. They have now made that concert available on Sound Cloud. Gorgeous, gorgeous sound. By all means go and download it: https://soundcloud.com/philipp-stoltz/sets/konzert-in-tutzing-iosot/s-Ffemu

Catholic Parish Church of Tutzing: Rehearsal of Psalmscompositions by Orlando di Lasso, Heinrich Schütz, and Isang Yun (»Der Herr ist mein Hirte.« Chor mit Solo-Posaune nach dem 23. Psalm und Nelly Sachs, 1981). In Cooperation with the Cathedral Music of Munich (Domkapellmeisterin Lucia Hilz). Conductor: Martin Zöbeley.

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