A few of my favorite things: Comics

Since I cannot possibly give everyone who reads this blog or has shown such care for us this year a gift I thought I would offer a few posts recommending my favorite things. In part 1 I share the comics I never miss. As a way of de-stressing I read comics, a LOT of comics. But I read most on cruise control. These are the ones I make time for every day.

  • The NormClassics on GoComics by my friend Michael Jantze The Norm is no longer in daily production, but can be found on GoComics. MJ has some new works in progress and you should seek them out as well. A wonderful man and friend (MJ is also helping us put together a comic auction to support Mack’s Soccer Fund) we met over ten years ago when he accepted my invitation to come and speak to honors students at Tulane about entrepreneurship and living on a prayer. The latter seems a theme with cartoonists. Below are two samples, one Christmas, excuse me, holiday themed, the other coffee themed. The Norm also features a great story arc.


  • chris hallbeck – the creature of The Book of Biff, Maximumble, and Minimumble. I have mentioned chris before as he was the inspiration for Mack’s Halloween toilet costume and chris then created this wonderful tribute to Mack on his birthday last year. Biff and Minimumble are single panel strips and Mini and Maximumble are stick figure cartoons. Biff usually has a theme each week. Great stuff and very quirky.
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  • Coffee With Jesus – by Radio Free Babylon led by David Wilkie. A book has been published, Coffee with Jesus, and their website updates periodically. To get regular updates go to their Facebook page. I have posted their comics before, as have many in the Biblioblog world.
  • Jesus and Mo – on the other end of the religious spectrum is the biting anti-religion strip, focusing (almost?) exclusively on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The author is anonymous for reasons that become obvious once you read it. You may not like their humor (or you may find it 100% spot on) but the satire is usually spot on.
  • The Joy of Tech – as the name implies, Nitrozac and Snazzy write about tech and general geekiness.
  • PVP – by Scott Kurtz. This is one of the first successful webcomics. The focus initially was on gaming (hence the title, “Player v. Player”) but now Scott focuses upon broader life issues. Every Christmas he has an ongoing series. This is the beginning of the series for 2013.



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