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The Illumination of Archaeology

Recently (July 2017) there was a story about “ancient Canaanite DNA” disproves the Bible. For example, The Independent in the UK had this headline: “Bible says Canaanites were wiped out by Israelites but scientists just found their descendants living in Lebanon.” Except, of course, that the Bible says no such thing. This comes up with reasonable frequency, some discovery offers interesting insight into the world of the ancient Levant, but in order get clicks and sell stories they are framed […]

Was the Northern Kingdom Deviant? | Biblical Archaeology Review

BAR has just published a nice little piece by my former grad assistant Jonathan Greer. Do go and give it a read! (Jim will appreciate the presence of the word “deviant” in the title.) Archaeologically speaking, very little is known of the ancient Israelite cult as it was practiced by the kings and priests of Biblical Israel. While evidence for “folk religion” e.g., the ubiquitous pillar figurines is well known, evidence of royal or elite […]

Sacred Techs is up!

I am very pleased to announce that the first post and podcast of Sacred Techs are now up! (The podcast is even available via iTunes.) This site is a collaboration between myself and Dr. Robert Cargill. We describe the site as, “posts and podcasts relevant to the study of things ancient using things very modern.” With “Sacred Techs” we wanted to bring together information focused upon using technology in the real of biblical and ancient studies. It […]

Palestinian Authority Officials ask Canada to Seize Dead Sea Scrolls

For some reason the most recent Royal Ontario Museum exhibition of Dead Sea Scrolls has ignited a lot of debate. The most recent headline to cross my digital threshold was one I had not heard before (but I don’t look for these things as a rule). They make some interesting arguments, perhaps fueled by the debate over the Elgin Marbles. From The National, a UAE paper: The problem for Palestinian Authority officials, who contacted ROM […]

Pyramids secrets revealed

The main stream media is letting us down again. Titanium UFO hangar discovered under ruins of 4,300 year-old pyramid Saqqara, Egypt – (Grateful Dead Sea Scrolls Mess): The intact remains of a huge titanium-built UFO hangar beneath a newly discovered 4,300 year-old pyramid have been hailed as the archaeological find of the centry. “It’s covered with the most remarkable extraterrestrial form of cuneiform heiroglyphs you could ever imagine,” Egypt’s Chief of Antiquities Dr Zahi Hawass […]