Helsinki Summer School – Qumran Movement in Second Temple Judaism

I just received a note from Finnish colleague Hanne vaon Weissenberg promoting Helsinki’s Summer School (“Thinking Allowed,” but apparently not mandatory? 😉 ) course on the Dead Sea Scrolls. The full description can be found here, but the key elements are these:

ORGANISER: The University of Helsinki , Department of Biblical Studies
DATES: 5-21 August 2008
PRICES: Read more [ominous!]
COORDINATOR: Mr Mika S. Pajunen, mika.pajunen(at)

One of the most fascinating ancient discoveries of the 20th century was the library of the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS). The first Scrolls were found 60 years ago and, after a long and meticulous scholarly restoration process, have now all been published. Many aspects of the Scrolls have yet to be explored and investigated, which is a fruitful topic for future study.
For Whom?

Anyone interested in religion, theology, Biblical studies, Jewish studies, the Greco-Roman period.

The course is an introduction to the main aspects of the DSS. It will cover the discovery and contents of the caves; the Second Temple period setting; the identify of the Qumran movement; DSS as a window to Jewish groups; the archaeology of the Qumran site; religious practices and beliefs; the interpretation of scriptures; and the significance of the DSS to the study of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

It is a very good (and fun) group of instructors:


Professor Raija Sollamo, University of Helsinki

Lecturer Jutta Jokiranta, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki

Lecturer Juhana Markus Saukkonen, University College London / University of Helsinki

Lecturer Hanne von Weissenberg, University of Helsinki

Lecturer Mika Pajunen, University of Helsinki

So in case any North Americans have suddenly come into an inheritance unaffected by the current exchange rate (perhaps a great aunt just left you a French chateau with an active and profitable winery), it sounds like a great opportunity!

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