FedEx Fail Tease – Waiting for my iPhone 5

UPDATE: It came in! In fact, I called the store, asked if it had arrived. I was put on hold and (later told) the FedEx guy walked in (after I had called mind you) with the delivery, including my iPhone. 🙂 I am a happy camper. So much nicer and easier to use than the BlackBerry.

I am hoping that it has actually been delivered to the store and their system is just being wonky.



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5 thoughts on “FedEx Fail Tease – Waiting for my iPhone

  • Travis Powell

    So you decided to bite the bullet and get an iphone. I thought the whole point of you getting the ipod Touch was b/c you didn’t want to go the iphone route.

    • Chris Brady Post author

      No, not that I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t. The iPhone did not (initially) support Exchange and was not a justifiable expense. The iPhone is now a great Exchange/Enterprise client and I paid for the phone myself. (Plus the cost came down $200.) It is great and I am sure I will post more later!

      • Travis Powell

        I thought that exchange support was added to the iphone in the iPhone 2.0 software which is available for not only the iPhone 3G but the first gen model as well. Heck, I believe even the iPod Touch can do it too. But then again I’m not an iphone user (it’ll cost too much in italy).

        • Chris Brady Post author

          Right and I have had my Exchange acct on my Touch for a while. But I also had to wait for my contract to expire, the office to support it and prices to come down. How long are you going to be in Italy?