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Ruth’s “Conversion” in Targum Ruth

As you all know I am working Targum Ruth. Those who know me well know that my interests are more with the exegetical concerns than linguistic issues. Still, one must slog through a translation at some point… Ruth 1:16-17 has received a lot of attention throughout the millennia. For the majority of its reception the passage has been interepreted as Ruth’s “conversion” to Judaism. In this “confession” she becomes a follower of Yhwh. Many modern […]

SBL – What’s Old is New

“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.” Eccl. 1:9 (NRSV) Today SBL members (and no doubt AAR members, but I dropped that membership a few years ago…) received a letter announcing that the old order shall be reestablished! I am glad to see this happen and I think it is necessary for AAR to survive. I think it will also […]

It’s football friends

I was very sorry to see our US team go out, but at least we can say it wasn’t the refs who stole it from us. This morning I am torn. We lived in England for 4 years and loved every minute of it (mostly), but I am also of German descent with cousins over there with whom I keep in close contact. It makes me wonder, who will Tilling root for?  

How shall we rear our children?

I have been a bit hesitant to share this openly on the blog since it transparently comes from current circumstances in my own life, however a recent discussion with some close friends and being shown a blog post directly on this topic at the Christian Monist has me wanting to share some thoughts with you. In the post Kids – Between Jacob and the Jelly Bean the Christian Monist questions the path on which most Evangelical […]

Leaving SBL, faith and reason

A number of folks have commented on Prof. Hendel’s declaration that he is not renewing his SBL membership. (As always, John Hobbins has an incredibly thoughtful take on matters.) Today SBL members received an email from “SBL” (personified!) and I share it with others below. My thoughts can be summarized as this: the bigger the tent the bigger the party. I suppose this is because as an evangelical who, aside from 3 semesters at Wheaton […]

How do you “make a Christian”?

My YouYube subscriptions notified me this week that I had a new video from Father Matthew, and Episcopal priest who does humorous and informative vlogs. This week it was The Book of Common Prayer in 4 Minutes. It is a useful and fun romp through the BCP but when he came to baptism he described it as “how we make Christians.” I guess I feel there is still enough Protestantism in the Anglican tradition that […]

Desktop Pictures or Wallpaper

UPDATE: Apparently canola and rapeseed are one and the same. See this blog post by one of our ad researchers about the very field I took pictures of which you can see below. I added a few more pictures to my flickr set “Desktop Images.” Some might find them suitable for their computer of iPad/iPhone/mobile device background. Just download the relevant size and enjoy! The most recent picture was of this field of yellow flowers. […]