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Intellectual Evangelicalism

A link of Facebook (sorry, I don’t remember who posted it) took me to “Running Heads” blog. I was not familiar with it before, but this post was about baptism and it and the comments resonated with something I have long maintained. Modern American Evangelicalism has an odd intellectualism that leaves it vulnerable to erosion on all sides. First, the blog post. Robin Parry was commenting that he grew up in a credo-baptist tradition1, but […]

Can one be “de-baptized”?

Apparently thousands of French would like to be and one man is taking the Catholic Church to court. This NPR piece is interesting to me not so much for the trends (more people are not just leaving the church but wanting to remove all trace of connections to the church) but for the theological questions it brings up. “One can’t be de-baptized,” says Rev. Robert Kaslyn, dean of the School of Canon Law at the […]

How do you “make a Christian”?

My YouYube subscriptions notified me this week that I had a new video from Father Matthew, and Episcopal priest who does humorous and informative vlogs. This week it was The Book of Common Prayer in 4 Minutes. It is a useful and fun romp through the BCP but when he came to baptism he described it as “how we make Christians.” I guess I feel there is still enough Protestantism in the Anglican tradition that […]

Was Jesus’ Baptism Private?

This past Sunday was the first Sunday after Epiphany and the celebration of the baptism of Jesus. Unless I misheard (which is possible) I believe I heard our priest assert on Sunday that Jesus’ baptism was private. I know that there are some apparent inconsistencies between the Gospel accounts and there is no explicit mention of crowds (but see my comment below), however I do not take silence to mean private. The relevant passages (in […]