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Intellectual Evangelicalism

A link of Facebook (sorry, I don’t remember who posted it) took me to “Running Heads” blog. I was not familiar with it before, but this post was about baptism and it and the comments resonated with something I have long maintained. Modern American Evangelicalism has an odd intellectualism that leaves it vulnerable to erosion on all sides. First, the blog post. Robin Parry was commenting that he grew up in a credo-baptist tradition1, but […]

Two Streams of Evangelicalism

I encourage any interested in the question of what is “evangelicalism” today to read this blog post. I will only add that I find myself in complete agreement with the author’s position as stated. Two Streams of Evangelicalism in the 21st Century Please answer the following question: What is the opposite of theological liberalism? a) conservatism b) biblicism c) what’s the difference? conservatism is biblicism! d) biblicism, which is not necessarily conservatism If you answered […]