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Desktop Pictures or Wallpaper

UPDATE: Apparently canola and rapeseed are one and the same. See this blog post by one of our ad researchers about the very field I took pictures of which you can see below. I added a few more pictures to my flickr set “Desktop Images.” Some might find them suitable for their computer of iPad/iPhone/mobile device background. Just download the relevant size and enjoy! The most recent picture was of this field of yellow flowers. […]

A beautiful day to kill a tree

This morning we woke to a light snowfall that lasted well into the afternoon. (I believe it is 2″ deep at the moment.) While some reject the blessings of God, I rejoice in the changes of season and the snow was a perfect setting for cutting our Christmas tree today. Our son was eager, as he put it, to “kill a tree.” (He is actually very keen on seeing plants and animals flourish, so I […]