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“Academic and Publishing Freedom”?

That is the title of this Inside Higher Ed article about Christianity Today’s Books & Culture rejected an article questioning the past and future direction of Wheaton College. As someone with an MA from Wheaton I thought I might make various trenchant comments, but I will not. Just a couple of notes about the IHE article and a pointer to the article in question. Here is the basic info about the critique: The author — […]

Updates: BS Carnival & Top 50

Being the end of the month (or now the beginning of the new month) we have our monthly Biblical Studies Carnival and Top 50 blogs listing. Doug Chaplin aka clayboy did an excellent job with this month’s Carnival. This month I moved back into the Top 50 biblioblogs after a brief hiatus (not posting is an excellent way to drop down the ranks).  

New book on Targum Jonathan

I received a note from friend and colleague Dineke Houtman about the publication of a new projection on the origin and history of Targum Jonathan. This book was a collaborative project with Harry Sysling and is being published by Brill. Volume 9 in the Studies in the Aramaic Interpretation of Scriptureseries, Alternative Targum Traditions The Use of Variant Readings for the Study in Origin and History of Targum Jonathan is available from Brill now. The present study explores […]

Conference: Stewardship or Sacrifice? Religion & the Ethics of Climate Change

Things are coming together for our conference at PSU regarding religious and ethical dimensions of climate change. I will be a panelist and I am looking forward to it! From the conference website: Conference: October 7–8, 2009 Pasquerilla Spiritual Center The Pennsylvania State University All events are free and open to the public. Held at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, this conference will examine the role that religion can play in solving the climate change crisis. […]

FERPA for Fun! (Note for those teaching in US higher ed)

For those teaching in the US what can and cannot be released to people other than students (e.g., parents!) is detailed in a guideline referred to as “FERPA,” The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.  The short is, you can’t tell anyone but the student anything. As a dean I can tell you that parents are not often happy to hear that (“but I pay the bills!”). The truth is there is more than can […]

Last Call for SBL Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting

I have been intending to submit a paper, but I confess I have not. So Jeremy’s notice buys me more time to procrastinate! No! Get your papers submitted now! Dear Colleagues, I wanted to take a moment to remind you once again to keep the submissions coming for our 2009 SBL Mid Atlantic Regional meeting.  If you have not done so already, please email me your submissions by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5 at  We will […]

5,000 years of Imperial History of the Middle East

This is an amazing Shockwave production showing in 90 seconds the ebb and flow of empires in the region of the Mediterranean basin and beyond. Sure, we can (and I hope some will) quibble about the details but I think this will give a nice broad sense of the region and its political history to my students. HT to SCMProfessor and thanks to for making it.  

Bibliobloggers at SBL

Douglas Mangum of Biblia Hebraica has a nice listing of Bibliobloggers presenting at SBL. It is quite a list! We were working a Biblioblogger get together but so far we have not had much luck. I will keep you posted! In the meantime, do check out the growing list of papers on offer by our guild. As pointed out, Aramaic Studies offers a two-for-one! Bonus Session – Two for the Price of One: SBL24-103, Aramaic […]

This I Believe: Honor

You may be familiar with NPR’s resurrection of the program “This I Believe.” I have been meaning to write an essay on this topic and this week I finally found some time to do that during my trip. I still need to trim this down below 500 words (it is at 729) but I will go ahead and share it here. Feel free to comment. I believe in honor I think I have always tried […]