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Now THIS is the BEST footnote. Ever. By a wide margin.

With great thanks to Robert Holmstedt who sent it along. This is Michael V. Fox. 1987. Hebrew Studies 28:6-8. You all know by now of my loathing for endnotes1 I had no idea that Fox, or anyone, had ever so clearly and in such a sustained manner commented on this matter. I also look forward to following up on the (ironically located) endnotes in his footnote, particularly the references to Bowersock2. What makes this all […]

Just say no to endnotes.

Can we all agree that endnotes are simply awful? They are annoying at best and, when reading electronic texts that are not hyperlinked, downright damnable.1 Footnotes, on the other hand, are convenient, easy to read and do little to interrupt the flow of the argument. I believe we should stand up for our rights and demand that publishers only use footnotes. Are you with me? Huzzah! This is in no way a criticism of a […]