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Co-founder of Wikipedia, now a critic, starts spinoff with academic editors

This could be interesting. The article is subscription only but the gist is easy enough to get from below. “Citizendium” Can scholars build a better version of Wikipedia? Larry Sanger, a co-founder who has since become a critic of the open-source encyclopedia, intends to find out. This week Mr. Sanger announced the creation of the Citizendium, an online, interactive encyclopedia that will be open to public contributors but guided by academic editors. The site aims […]

Inside Higher Ed :: Not So Godless After All

A very interesting survey from the Social Science Research Council (“The survey was conducted and analyzed by two sociologists, Neil Gross of Harvard University and Solon Simmons of George Mason University”) reported by IHE today. Listen to many critics of higher education, and you would think that faith had been long ago banished from the quad – or at least all those quads not at places like Notre Dame or Liberty or Yeshiva. My complaint […]