A Prayer for Sound Government

A Prayer for Sound Government, from The Book of Common Prayer, pp. 821-2.  O Lord our Governor, bless the leaders of our land, that we may be a people at peace among ourselves and a blessing to other nations of the earth. Lord, keep this nation under your care. To the President and members of the Cabinet, […]

Internet Ethics 1

It starts, as it often does on my blog, with a Bizarro comic: It makes me think and wonder. On the one hand, it does seem that the last twenty years and the overwhelming success of the internet has brought about a change in our behavior, a move towards the unethical. Perhaps we need ‘internet […]

“Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.” 3

I don’t usually post the speech I give at the Medals Ceremony, but this time the message was a bit different.  Good afternoon scholars, Parents, and friends, trustees, President Erickson and Provost Pangborn. Congratulations to you all! Each one of you has played a significant role in getting to this moment. Mrs. Schreyer and DrueAnne […]

What is a “Fair Share”? 4

What is “fair”? This post is not about “the Buffet rule,” but it is. That is to say, the proposal itself is obviously fairly complex and I think does deserve consideration (but Annenberg has found that this argument is fundamentally flawed in that “— on average — high-income taxpayers pay higher rates than those in the middle, […]

The Ethics of Zombie Killing | Pop Bioethics

With an opening like this, you have to read the rest. HT to Lucas L. Zombies are a strange source of ethical inspiration, but as I mentioned to io9′s Lauren Davis, if academic ethicists get to spend all day talking about trolleys, I see no reason we can’t banter about the ethics of the undead. […]

Who is wiser? 5

The one who learns from doing or the one who learns from others?  

Moral Dilemma 2

How is this for a moral dilemma? (See the comic below.) Oddly enough, I was thinking along these lines just yesterday when I read a story about the new black hole discovered which mentioned how many millions (hundreds of millions?) were spent to bring us this discovery. Is that really the best use of our […]

Ethical? UPS and iPad delivery shenanigans 22

As most of you know I have ordered an iPad and like all the other 250,000+ early adopters I am eagerly awaiting my delivery. On Monday I received notice of shipment from Apple and it showed the shipment had left China. By Tuesday at noon UPS said that it was in Louisville, KY and by […]

Bad lessons from good movies 4

Wired’s Geek Dad has a Top 10 list that I have often thought about, “Top 10 Bad Messages From Good Movies.” I actually don’t agree with everything on his list, but his #2 is one that I have often asserted, albeit from a slightly different angle. (His take is below.) I despise The Little Mermaid […]

Oscar Wilde, Philip Davies, morals, ethics and how we read the Bible 1

On this date in history I was born. And in 1882 Oscar Wilde was ridiculed in Harper’s Weekly. One of the quotes in the NYTimes’ summary of Wilde’s trip to the US caught my attention. “It is not increased moral sense your literature needs. Indeed we should never talk of a moral or an immoral […]