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Word Clouds Illuminating Interpretation: Lamentations

Yesterday, as simply a means of illustrating the announcement about the new book on Lamentations I quickly created two word clouds of the Book of Lamentations and the Targum of Lamentations. As with Ruth there are some interesting observations one can make from this simple graphic. For those not familiar, Wordle.net  tags the words you input and produces a “cloud” of words. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source […]

Proofs are here! New Book on Lamentations

A year ago, almost to the day, I shared with you all that a new book was forthcoming on the topic of Lamentations and its interpretation in Christianity and Judaism. Yesterday I received the proofs and Great Is Thy Faithfulness: Reading Lamentations as Sacred Scripture should be ready for purchase at SBL! The publisher is now Pickwick Publications/Wipf and Stock. The book is edited by Robin Parry and Heath Thomas. The table of contents follows […]

Digitisation of Oxford D.Phil. theses

No, that is not a typo in the subject line, that is the Queen’s English! Yesterday I received a notice from the Bodleian that they will be digitising a limited number of D.Phil. theses. To all Oxford D.Phil. authors  Theses in digital format are rapidly becoming ubiquitous, as scholars want to make their research widely available and easily find the work of others. Thanks to the generosity and vision of Dr Leonard Polonsky, the Bodleian […]

Solger MS of TgLam

Targum: Preserving “God’s Word”

In the comments on my previous post Joel asked about the origins of the “theologizing” in Targum Ruth. This morning he further commented, I’m just now getting into 2nd Temple lit, but the Targums fascinate me, especially as a tradition in which a traditional text was developed for a specific purpose and accepted without what we know of today as reactionary calls of ‘changing God’s word.’ Joel brings up some good points about Targum. (A […]

New Article – “The Use of Eschatological Lists within the Targumim of the Megilloth”

This morning I received an email from Brill letting me know that my article “The Use of Eschatological Lists within the Targumim of the Megilloth” is now in print, Journal for the Study of Judaism, Volume 40, Numbers 4-5, 2009 , pp. 493-509(17). Well, it is available online, but will not be in actual print on paper for another 30 days. At that time I will be able to make a pdf available for download directly […]

New translation of Targum Lamentations

This is mostly a post to test the integration of my blog with twitter, but a separate post doesn’t hurt to emphasize that, at long last, I have updated/corrected my translation of TgLam. This translation is based upon Codex Vaticanus Urbinas Hebr. 1 (the images from the older but incomplete Solger MS can be found here as well). So you can find my updated translation on this site and on the NTCS site.  

Targum Lamentations articles now available

I have recently gotten permission to post almost all of my published articles on the site. If you look at the tabs at the top of the site you will see pages dedicated to Targum Lamentations and Targum Ruth. This summer I will be adding my translation and other material to the TgRuth page, but today I uploaded PDFs of four of my articles on TgLam. “The Date, Provenance, and Sitz im Leben of Targum […]

Alexander’s Targum Lamentations reviewed

The Review of Biblical Literature has Jan-Wim Wessellius’ review of Philip S. Alexander’s The Targum of Lamentations: Translated, with a Critical Introduction, Apparatus, and Notes. Review by Jan-Wim Wesselius Read the Review Published 1/24/2009 Citation: Jan-Wim Wesselius, review of Philip S. Alexander, The Targum of Lamentations: Translated, with a Critical Introduction, Apparatus, and Notes, Review of Biblical Literature [http://www.bookreviews.org] (2009).  

Images from the Solger MS of Tg Lamentations and Tg Ruth

I am pleased to be able to post on the Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies images for TgLam and TgRuth from the Codex Solger MS 1-7.2° (Solger) manuscript. The images are made available with the permission of the Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg. They can be found under the “Targumim of the Megillot” section of the NTCS site. The images are also available at this site following the tabs above to my pages on TgLam and TgRuth. […]

Solger manuscript (TgLam) images posted

I have finally managed to get the images from the Solger manuscript of TgLam posted in the “Targum Lamentations” section of this site. It can be found in the subpage “Solger MS Images of TgLam.” The description from that page: The images presented here are from the Codex Solger MS 1-7.2° (Solger) manuscript. The images are made available courtesy of and with the permission of the Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg. Codex Solger MS 1-7.2° (Solger) of Nürnberg […]