Digitisation of Oxford D.Phil. theses

No, that is not a typo in the subject line, that is the Queen’s English! Yesterday I received a notice from the Bodleian that they will be digitising a limited number of D.Phil. theses.

To all Oxford D.Phil. authors 

Theses in digital format are rapidly becoming ubiquitous, as scholars want to make their research widely available and easily find the work of others. Thanks to the generosity and vision of Dr Leonard Polonsky, the Bodleian Libraries are able to offer to digitise a number of Oxford D.Phil. theses. This opportunity enables us to add to the growing Oxford digital thesis collection, and should result in new citations to your work.

Because only a limited number of authors are able to take advantage of this opportunity, theses will be digitised on a first come first served basis. Digital copies will be made available online in ORA (Oxford University Research Archive, http://ora.ouls.ox.ac.uk/).

ORA is the university’s principal online collection of research outputs produced by Oxford scholars. It offers high visibility for Oxford research. Wherever possible, the full text of research is made freely available for easy online access. You can find out more about Oxford digital theses at www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/ora/oxford_etheses

My dear readers here know that they can already access a digital copy of my thesis “Targum Lamentations’ Reading of the Book of Lamentations” on this website (and even more about TgLam). In fact, I give credit to the libraries, since they only have limited resources, they also ask if we have a digital version of our thesis to contact ORA directly.

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