Targum Lamentations articles now available

I have recently gotten permission to post almost all of my published articles on the site. If you look at the tabs at the top of the site you will see pages dedicated to Targum Lamentations and Targum Ruth. This summer I will be adding my translation and other material to the TgRuth page, but today I uploaded PDFs of four of my articles on TgLam.

The Date, Provenance, and Sitz im Leben of Targum Lamentations,” in The Journal of the Aramaic Bible 1, (1999), 5-29.

The Role of the מדת דינא (midat dinah) in the Targumim,” in Studies in Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity, The Interpretation of Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity, vol. 7, ed. Craig A. Evans, (Sheffield: Sheffield Press, 2000), 364-74.

Vindicating God,” in The Journal of the Aramaic Bible 3.1/2 (2001), 27-40.

Targum Lamentations 1:1-4: A Theological Prologue,” in Targum and Scripture: Studies in Aramaic Translation and Interpretation in Memory of Ernest G. Clarke. In Studies in the Aramaic Interpretation of Scripture, vol. 2, (Leiden: Brill, 2002). (Also available via Google Books.)

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