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Targum Lamentations articles now available

I have recently gotten permission to post almost all of my published articles on the site. If you look at the tabs at the top of the site you will see pages dedicated to Targum Lamentations and Targum Ruth. This summer I will be adding my translation and other material to the TgRuth page, but today I uploaded PDFs of four of my articles on TgLam. “The Date, Provenance, and Sitz im Leben of Targum […]

Matthew Collins resigns as SBL Director of Congresses

UPDATE: I was just appropriately corrected that I conflated Matthew’s position, Director of Congresses, with the Executive Director position, which will be held by Kent Richards until his retirement in 2010. Sorry about that…. I have made a small correction below to reflect that change. Did we know this ahead of time? I have a vague memory, but I was surprised when I received the email yesterday. I always enjoyed working with Matthew and I […]

The Gospel According to Doonesbury

I was catching up on a few comics this morning and finally read Sunday’s Doonesbury: Of course such a view of both the Old Testament and the New Testament is incredibly simplistic. (And the irony is the passage being cited in the first panel is in fact from the NT, Romans 1:18.) I understand that Trudeau is going for the banking joke, nice, I get it. But he perpetuates the myth fostered by the Jesus […]