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Why a PhD isn’t for everyone

For whatever reasons my post from January Why you shouldn’t go to grad school in the humanities has risen back to prominence in the last week. Please read the previous post for the comments (which was itself a comment on an article by Thomas Benton in the Chronicle) but I wanted to place one of the comments and my response here since I think it is worth continuing the conversation in a more public manner. […]

Dressing for the classroom, criticizing feminist scholarship, and online education

A quick review of higher education news highlights. As I sit with my cuppa tea this morning and read the Chronicle of Higher Ed and Inside Higher Ed a few stories caught my eye. Sartorial Study Suggests Professors Should Wear What They Want (subscriber link, this is a free link for 5 days)- A psychology instructor at North Hennipin Community College came to this conclusion after a brief study with four sections of a class. […]

The Church Stagnant

I actually don’t have a commentary to write about my church, the ECUSA, or even THE church to go with this picture, but it wouldn’t take much. The church pictured below is now abandoned, trapped in a lava flow that moved around and into the church, covering the town below and leaving the church abandoned and encased in a mountain. Feel free to add your own sermon illustration to go along with these amazing photos. […]

This is what makes discernment so difficult…

Is the found wallet temptation or an answer to prayer? A good example of the difficulty of discernment. One of my favorite examples of this Deut. 18:22. If a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD but the thing does not take place or prove true, it is a word that the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; do not be frightened by it. The problem: you have to respond […]

Sacred Spaces

Jim W. posted a picture from his recent (?) trip to Beth Shean and urged others to do the same (alas, I was not tagged in his meme). Since I am avoiding writing at the moment I was trying to think of recent sacred places that I had visited. This past spring on a business trip to DC I stopped at an old high school haunt, a seasonal ice cream shop in Damascus, MD called […]

Christian healthcare solutions? Anyone?

In the comments to my post about Canada’s healthcare system as a model to be emulated Don replied with some good comments that I thought I would elevate, along with a portion of my reply, to a post. (You can read unedited version of his comment and my reply in the comments section.) I am a Canadian and have used the health care system recently. It is not the horror that many Americans describe our […]

Oh Canada! Health care…

We are going to be hearing more and more about health care systems as the Obama administration and Congress try and sort this mess out. Many have pointed to Canada’s system as a model. But a model of what? I came across this post from a cartoonist I read (warning: the strip can be a bit rude) who is a Canadian and thought I would share some of it with you. In 2007, documentary director […]

My woes with WordPress 2.8

UPDATE: It looks as if the solution is “wait until updated plugins come out.” Since one or two of them (like Twitter Tools) are explicitly no longer being updated I may just degrade to 2.7. If you follow my twitter feed then you know that I have had trouble with the Dashboard after upgrading Targuman to WordPress 2.8. When I sent out a general plea on twitter whether or not it was possible to downgrade […]