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A Christian approach to the healthcare debate

I have posted on this hot topic before and while I still find this an incredibly complex problem to try and resolve I am pleased there are thoughtful folks trying to work through the issues. Of course, I think the ethical or moral dimension is easy, of course we should want everyone to have the best healthcare possible! The challenge is the economics and politics of it. I particularly like the preamble to Sojourners resource […]

Towards a hermeneutic of healthcare

First to put a few things into what I hope is some perspective about my views on this subject. Preliminary to the preliminaries is the fact that I readily confess that economics is not my bailiwick, so I cannot really offer any viable solutions because I know enough to know that I do not know the practical impact of such policies. That being said… There can be no debate about the fact that there are […]

Healthcare wait times

Since I have already touched on the issue of healthcare and SCMProfessor was kind enough to forward this along I thought I would share this video representation of healthcare wait times in GA and MA. Massachusetts was chosen because it has a universal coverage plan similar to the one Obama is calling for. (I am not sure what kind of appointments they are waiting for, by the way, since I have always been able to […]

Christian healthcare solutions? Anyone?

In the comments to my post about Canada’s healthcare system as a model to be emulated Don replied with some good comments that I thought I would elevate, along with a portion of my reply, to a post. (You can read unedited version of his comment and my reply in the comments section.) I am a Canadian and have used the health care system recently. It is not the horror that many Americans describe our […]

Oh Canada! Health care…

We are going to be hearing more and more about health care systems as the Obama administration and Congress try and sort this mess out. Many have pointed to Canada’s system as a model. But a model of what? I came across this post from a cartoonist I read (warning: the strip can be a bit rude) who is a Canadian and thought I would share some of it with you. In 2007, documentary director […]