Christian healthcare solutions? Anyone?

In the comments to my post about Canada’s healthcare system as a model to be emulated Don replied with some good comments that I thought I would elevate, along with a portion of my reply, to a post. (You can read unedited version of his comment and my reply in the comments section.)

I am a Canadian and have used the health care system recently. It is not the horror that many Americans describe our health care system. … I feel it is not Christian to support a system that does not care for the poor. Many of problems in our system are in fact caused by doctors who are independent businessmen trying to maximize their income.

That was why I posted that other story, the author is a Canadian so his experience was more relevant that from someone “outside.” In my four years in England we had very mixed experiences.  Certainly for those without healthcare coverage it is a moot point, some (good) care is better than none.

Now, to the most interesting point of his comment (to me), “It is not Christian to support a system that does not care for the poor.” I too believe that as Christians we are called to care for the poor and the needy but is the best mechanism through the government? Just because someone supports a healthcare model that is not government run doesn’t mean they are not living up to their Christian calling (not caring about others does, however). I think the question is and ought to be how to get the best care for the most but judging by other programs I am not sure the government is the best solution.

On the other hand, there are many who say that a true Christian state is a (ideal) socialist state…. Any care to make that argument?

Not to be distracted however I want to throw it open and ask my readers, what is the “Christian” ((Feel free to offer you definition of “Christian” in this context because I do not think it is defined as a confession of faith.)) response to the US healthcare situation?

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