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Jim W. posted a picture from his recent (?) trip to Beth Shean and urged others to do the same (alas, I was not tagged in his meme). Since I am avoiding writing at the moment I was trying to think of recent sacred places that I had visited. This past spring on a business trip to DC I stopped at an old high school haunt, a seasonal ice cream shop in Damascus, MD called “Jimmie Cone.” They offer softserve ice cream and chilli dogs (and one or two other things) and was a regular stop after school once they opened in March. Perhaps not “biblical” per se, but sacred nonetheless.

Jimmie Cone, Damascus MD


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3 thoughts on “Sacred Spaces

  • Karen M. Hackett

    You just invoked a really nice memory for me. When I was a young girl, my mother would take my sister and me to the Welsh Farms ice cream parlor and restaurant, located in Allamuchy, NJ (I grew up about 15 minutes away in Budd Lake, about 35 minutes from NYC, North-Central NJ) – we would go once a week after school and ALWAYS on the first day of school. Adjacent to Welsh Farms was some nice landscaping and a duck pond. After ice ream, my sister and I would feed the ducks with bread we brought from home. Thank you for such a nice Friday thought! – kmh

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Happy to help conjure up such nice memories. My brother and his wife, when he was doing his doctorate here, would always take their kids for “dinner” to the Creamery. They still do have ice cream for dinner on the first night of school (correct me if i am wrong SB).

    • Steve

      Ah yes. Well, because I had a night class one evening but wanted to see the family after their first day of scool and before my class, I said let’s go to the Creamery. “But we haven’t had dinner yet.”

      Ah, let’s eat Ice Cream for dinner. So after that Fall of 1996, every year, we have ice cream for dinner on the first day of school.

      And last fall, with three kids in different schools (2 in different Universities, and one in HS, we had 3 glorious nights of Ice Cream for dinner.

      And since I was out of town, I quite literally “phoned it in” sending a iPhone snap of me eating Ice Cream in San Diego.