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Flickr is amazing. This company, Schmap, found my pictures from Oxford that I took last summer and asked if they could use one for their online (free) travel guide. I was happy to allow them to do so! You can go directly to the entry with my photo of Mansfield College (btw, not the best that I took, the inside of their library is gorgeous) right here.

Their widget is below, as is one of my pics from the Mansfield College Library.
Mansfield Carrel


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3 thoughts on “Schmap Travel Guides

  • Chris Brady Post author

    James, thank you. I can see why you like it. Apparently your company just bought shares in Schmap:

    Carstairs Capital Snaps up Shares in Schmap Ltd

    Carstairs Capital Ltd has invested in a new technology/software start up company called Schmap Limited a Hong Kong and Beijing based software company. Schmap provides digital mapping software to the global consumer marketplace aswell as over 40 comprehensive Schmap City Guides which compliment the Schmap business model.

    Which makes me wonder if your comment is for a robot or if you are a rather “hands on” exce. 🙂

  • James A Carstairs

    Hi Chris,

    Yes I was so impressed with the technology and busines model that I invested in the company.I know the CEO and got in right at the begining and then more last year!

    My comment is for a robot yes! 🙂 hahahaha

    Anyway you got a very nice blog will browse abit more now!