America Under 30 Can Think Again

Now that Comedy Central is back on the air with their “news” programs telling them what it is they are supposed believe.

Jon Stewart:

Steven Colbert:

Those who know me know that I enjoy humor and politics as much as religion (that is a redundant statement). But what irks me about these folks, Jon Stewart in particular, is the way in which they believe they don’t have to follow any standards since they are doing comedy, but at the same time fervently expect us to take them seriously. This coupled with the fact that so many Americans DO take them seriously is “nervous making me.”

See this Pew Report from last April to get a sense of where and how well our country know their news. You can even take a news quiz there.

Here’s Your Score: You correctly answered 12 of the 12 possible questions along with approximately 6% of the public. You did better than 94% of the general public.

(It isn’t very hard.)

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