da Silva article on Ruth: IBSWM in action!

Airton José da Silva has posted a summary in English of an article that he has just completed (in Portuguese) on the Book of Ruth in its social and anthropological setting. He offers a brief summary in English and the Portuguese introduction.

International Biblical Studies Writing Month

Chris Brady at Targuman, circa a month ago, declared December through January International Biblical Studies Writing Month: “By the power vested in me by the Great Meturgeman (…) I declare January (and a bit of December) Biblical Studies Academic Writing Month”.I finished in December 27, 2007 an article about Ruth. The article, in Portuguese (Brazilian) Language, Leitura sócio-antropológica do livro de Rute [Ruth in Social-Scientific Perspective], will be published until March of 2008 by Estudos Bíblicos [Biblical Studies Journal] n. 97, Editora Vozes, Petrópolis, RJ, Brazil – ISSN 16764951.

AKMA also noted his progress with IBSWM to date. Like Ohio State running backs, he is reporting negative yardage.
Christopher Heard is doing better with a book proposal submitted yesterday. 
The most I can say at the moment is that I completed the reviews of the applications and that I am reviewing my notes on my first article (nearly done, but it takes some effort to get back into it).  

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