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Schmap Travel Guides

Flickr is amazing. This company, Schmap, found my pictures from Oxford that I took last summer and asked if they could use one for their online (free) travel guide. I was happy to allow them to do so! You can go directly to the entry with my photo of Mansfield College (btw, not the best that I took, the inside of their library is gorgeous) right here. Their widget is below, as is one of […]

America Under 30 Can Think Again

Now that Comedy Central is back on the air with their “news” programs telling them what it is they are supposed believe. Jon Stewart: Steven Colbert: Those who know me know that I enjoy humor and politics as much as religion (that is a redundant statement). But what irks me about these folks, Jon Stewart in particular, is the way in which they believe they don’t have to follow any standards since they are doing […]

da Silva article on Ruth: IBSWM in action!

Airton José da Silva has posted a summary in English of an article that he has just completed (in Portuguese) on the Book of Ruth in its social and anthropological setting. He offers a brief summary in English and the Portuguese introduction. International Biblical Studies Writing Month Chris Brady at Targuman, circa a month ago, declared December through January International Biblical Studies Writing Month: “By the power vested in me by the Great Meturgeman (…) I […]

Johnny Quest: In Search of Jesus!

Michael Barber of Singing in the Reign has revealed the answers to his “Guess the Author” contest. He then goes on to sum up nicely some of my thoughts regarding the so-called Jesus Quest. (Which always makes me think of Don Quixote for some reason.) As I continue to research, I grow more and more frustrated with the idea of a distinct “Third Quest” that is unlike previous approaches in being focused more on the […]

What does our history look like?

Any who might have me on Facebook or Twitter will know that I have been reviewing applications for the last week or so. We have over 2400 applications, a new record, but a lot of work. Most of them are read by our faculty readers, God bless ’em. The application, which is in addition to the main PSU app, includes three essay questions. The first is: When we look back at past generations, we’re sometimes […]