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[In looking over my earliest blog posts now, July 2012, I realize that this post from January 2006 could be misleading. It appears to be the first post on Targuman, but it is not. Somehow when I migrated from Blogger I lost over a year’s worth of blogs (as you can tell since there is one post prior to this one).]

I have been running several blogs for a while now, but each related to some administrative or teaching capacity. I have felt a bit daunted to start a “Biblioblog” but I have thoughts I would like to share, mostly thinking out loud to be sure since I expect very little traffic here, so here is Yet Another Blog.

The Name – “Targuman” comes from my field of study (that of the targumim, the Aramaic versions of the Bible) but the full story is a little better than just that. Back when eWorld was a reality I had an email address that attempted to reflect my field, “otman” for “Old Testament.” But that was only part of my field and my undergraduate supervisor suggested “meturgeman” (the one in the synagogal service who would translate the Hebrew reading into Aramaic). That seemed to lack the super hero quality I was looking for, so I settled for “Targuman.” Now I just need a “T” to sew on my chest…

The Purpose – I intend to follow Ralph’s lead and simply post that which is of interest to me. Sometimes scholarly and theological at other times Mac related or political. Who knows?

So I welcome any and all readers and look forward to any feedback you might like to provide.


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