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WordPress Tip: Disappearing Dashboard

I have had repeated problems with my WP dashboard disappearing, or at least elements on of it. When I trouble shoot plugins I would usually find some combination that would make all the widgets reappear, but not always. The dashboard would look like this: One day I noticed that I had a lot of Spam (noted by the red “SPAM” on the Dashboard) and clicked on the link to see what was what. I emptied […]

My woes with WordPress 2.8

UPDATE: It looks as if the solution is “wait until updated plugins come out.” Since one or two of them (like Twitter Tools) are explicitly no longer being updated I may just degrade to 2.7. If you follow my twitter feed then you know that I have had trouble with the Dashboard after upgrading Targuman to WordPress 2.8. When I sent out a general plea on twitter whether or not it was possible to downgrade […]

Categories to tags – Just say “no!”

So a brief post on this because I have wasted too much time already. When v 2.5(?) of WordPress came out they put in a means to “tag” posts. Now, if I understand this correctly and that is a very big “if,” tags will help your posts be searched through the intertubes. Poking around I found that there is an “import” feature allowing you to convert your categories to tags. NB – It destroys your […]