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Tomorrow I am heading to NYC and Fordham University to take part in the meeting of the Catholic Biblical Association. Fellow blogger (and Episcopalian) Stephen Cook is scheduled to be there also. I am looking forward to it, although I still have to finish my presentation. 🙂 I may not have internet access so if I keep radio silence, you will know why. (That and these folks have the days scheduled top to bottom!)  

Tg. Neofiti Gen. 1:1

In a comment to my earlier post regarding the abuse of TgNeof with respect to Gen. 1:1 and the Trinity Matthew Lanser offered the following comment (in part): Secondly (and more to the issue at hand) Shepherd1 quotes Gen 1:1 in TgNeof yet he translates the text as follows, “In the beginning, with wisdom, the Son of YHWH created the heavens and the earth” (51). His support for this view is founded on 1) that […]

How would you like to date Targum Neofiti?

Maybe just the two of you, a nice dinner, maybe a little candle light…I am afraid I am talking about a different kind of dating. A friend pointed me to this YouTube video by Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill. (I will give Driscoll credit, I see that his blog has a series on Charles Spurgeon, who I agree was one of the greatest preachers ever to live.) There are lots of things that we may […]

New Wiki @

I (finally!) have the wiki set up at the Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies. The idea is to have scholars contribute articles on Aramaic, Syriac, Targum, Peshitta, and other related subjects so that the site can become a reliable resource. The Newlsetter itself already has some targumic texts available in English translations, bibliography, and information about the International Organization for Targumic Studies. (I hope to have the bibliography in a searchable database at some […]

An Introduction – Harder than it looks

I am trying to finally knock out this article and as is often the case the introduction is proving the greatest challenge. In particularly I am trying to set up an argument (albeit briefly, it is not the main purpose of this article) for considering the Targumim of the Megillot as a unity. If you have the time to read it, let me know what you think. A tech note. I am using Nisus Writer […]

Images from the Solger MS of Tg Lamentations and Tg Ruth

I am pleased to be able to post on the Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies images for TgLam and TgRuth from the Codex Solger MS 1-7.2° (Solger) manuscript. The images are made available with the permission of the Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg. They can be found under the “Targumim of the Megillot” section of the NTCS site. The images are also available at this site following the tabs above to my pages on TgLam and TgRuth. […]

Ed Cook moving to CUA!

Congratulations to Ed Cook on his new position! I am very selfishly glad for his move since he will now be within a reasonable 4 hour drive. I cannot wait to meet up and talk shop from ECUSA to Targum. For those who do not know, Ed has labored hard in the fields, is of course one of the finest Aramaists in the bizz, and is now coming to take up a very prestigious and […]

Solger manuscript (TgLam) images posted

I have finally managed to get the images from the Solger manuscript of TgLam posted in the “Targum Lamentations” section of this site. It can be found in the subpage “Solger MS Images of TgLam.” The description from that page: The images presented here are from the Codex Solger MS 1-7.2° (Solger) manuscript. The images are made available courtesy of and with the permission of the Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg. Codex Solger MS 1-7.2° (Solger) of Nürnberg […]