Tish b’Av

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“Have you forgotten us completely?” Crying Out to a Loving God

Below is the podcast of the talk I presented for Tisha b’Av at Beth Israel. http://targuman.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/tishabav.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (11.0MB)  

Tisha b’Av lecture in Philly area

I will be giving a lecture this Wednesday evening enitled “Have you forgotten us completely?” Crying Out to a Loving God. I will be exploring how the rabbis responded to the destruction of the Temple, how they responded to the text of Lamentations, and what that in turn can teach a community of faith about responding to our own times of crisis. From the Beth Israel website: Wednesday, July 29:  Beth Israel will be hosting a […]

Lamentations and Tisha b’Av

This past weekend was spent doing various work around that house that required lots of hours and very little thought. Good for the soul, perhaps, but I feel like I lost two days in a wormhole. I missed offering my best wishes for a good observance on Tisha b’Av, so today I will offer instead my presentation from last week’s Catholic Biblical Association. This paper was part of the working group for the Bible in […]