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I (finally!) have the wiki set up at the Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies. The idea is to have scholars contribute articles on Aramaic, Syriac, Targum, Peshitta, and other related subjects so that the site can become a reliable resource. The Newlsetter itself already has some targumic texts available in English translations, bibliography, and information about the International Organization for Targumic Studies. (I hope to have the bibliography in a searchable database at some point, but I have yet to find a freeware solution to that. Please send along any suggestions you may have!)

What we now need is scholars willing to contribute articles to the wiki. I have used the same software as Wikipedia so it should be familiar to folks, but I have set it up so that I have to create an account for each contributor. This should help to ensure the quality of the contributions. If you are interested in contributing please either leave a comment here or email be at cbrady AT

But to get started I wondered about importing the relevant articles from Wikipedia itself. (BTW most of the articles related to our subjects are actually fairly good.) The information there is, by definition, open and free for dissemination (or it is supposed to be.) There are even guidelines for “mirroring” here and how to deal with inappropriate use. But I wonder what the community thinks of this. Shall we just start again, on our own?

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