What happened to Beth Mardutho? (And why won’t Syriac appear in my browser?)

Does anyone know what happened to the Beth Mardutho site? It used to be at http://www.bethmardutho.org/ and is now simply showing “forbidden.”

For those who do not know this site it is the site for The Syriac Institute, established by George Kiraz. You can read about it in an old ANE list message here. It was a great resource, although I had not visited it in quite some time.

I realized it was down today because I realized that Syriac was not appearing properly in my browser (Firefox, OS X 10.5.5). It is probably just a matter of fonts (you can check Syriac compatibility here, for example) but it was disappointing to find the Beth Mardutho site down. Anyone know what is up?

UPDATE: You can download Meltho, the suite of Syriac fonts, from Brill here, but it dates from 2001 and I think there must be newer versions. Also, I still cannot view Syriac in any browser, even with these fonts installed…)

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