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This week I have been trying to focus on research and writing. I was more successful than I expected, if  I am honest with you. One of the pieces I was working on was a chapter for a forthcoming book on the versions and receptions of the Book of Lamentations. This is shaping up to be a very nice volume and the editors have given me permission to share the TOC with you. In addition to a chapter on the Targumic interpretation of Lamentations my contribution includes a transcription of TgLam from Codex Vaticanus Urbinas Hebr. 1 (the images from the older but incomplete Solger MS can be found here as well) and a new translation. I have also updated my translation of TgLam on this site and on the NTCS site.

Now, to the book. It will be published by Pater Noster (I believe that is still true) and will be made up of a series of “soundings” that will each be approximately 2,000 words with the main chapters being 6,000 words or so. The appendices will also greatly add to this volume, putting the MT, LXX, and Targum in one place along with at least portions of Lamentations Rabbah and Aquinas’ commentary. I think this is going to be a “must have” volume for anyone beginning a study of the reception and theology of Lamentations.

Great is Thy Faithfulness?
Toward Reading Lamentations as Holy Scripture

Edited by Robin Parry and Heath Thomas


Introduction – Robin Parry and Heath Thomas

Ch 1: ‘Holy Scripture’ and Hermeneutics: Lamentations in Critical and Theological Reflection – Heath Thomas, Southeastern Seminary

Ch 2: “The Theology of Lamentations” – Paul House, Samford University


Soundings:  Jewish reception studies

1. Isaiah 40-55 – Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer, University of Aberdeen

2. LXX – Kevin Youngblood, Freed-Hardeman University

3. Targum – Christian M.M. Brady, Penn State University

4. Lamentations Rabbah – Jacob Neusner, Bard College

5. Rashi – Mayer Gruber, Bar-Ilan University of the Negev

6. Jewish Worship – Elsie Stern, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

7. Post-Holocaust Interpretation in the 1960s and 1970s -Zachary Braiterman, Syracuse University

Soundings: Messianic Jewish reception studies

  1. Lamentations in Messianic Judaism – Richard Harvey, All Nations College (UK)

Soundings: Christian reception studies

1. Patristic Interpretation – Dean Wenthe, Concordia Theological Seminary

2. Aquinas – Dominic Holtz OP, Aquinas Institute

3. Calvin – Pete Wilcox, Litchfield Cathedral, UK

4. Lam. in Eastern Orthodoxy – Eugen Pentiuc, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

5. Christian Worship – Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ, Heythrop College, University of London

Soundings: Artistic and Contemporary reception study

  1. Musical Responses to Lamentations  – F .  Jane Schopf, Rose Bruford College (UK)
  2. Lamentations and Rembrandt van Rijn – Heath Thomas, Southeastern Seminary
  3. Psychological Approaches to Lamentations – Paul Joyce, University of Oxford
  4. Feminist Reception(s) & Lamentations – Heath Thomas, Southeastern Seminar


Ch 3: “Jewish Theological Reflections on Lamentations” (TBA)

Ch 4: “Christian Theology and Lamentations” – Robin Parry

Ch 5 “Christian Pastoral Reflections on Lamentations” – Ian Stackhouse

Conclusion – Parry and Thomas


Appendix 1: A Translation of MT Lamentations and LXX Lamentations in parallel columns (Kevin Youngblood)

Appendix 2: A translation of Targum Lamentations (Christian Brady)

Appendix 3: Lamentations Rabbah (c. 30,000 words). (Jacob Neusner)

Appendix 4: Aquinas’ Commentary (c. 27.000 words) (PD)

(NOTE: we have not decided whether or not to include all the long appendices)

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